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Is my damage repairable?

Auto upholstery repair services can be used to fix a wide variety of damage, including rips, tears, cuts, stains, burns, and recoloring. This is not a complete list of repairs, so if you find your situation isn't listed, please click the button below to contact us for a consultation. 

How do I schedule my consultation? Is there a fee?

Auto Wizards has access to repair facilities through trusted partnerships with dealerships in Hutchinson, KS | Newton, KS | Salina, KS | Kansas City, MO, as well as all of their general vicinity's. We also proudly offer the majority of our services to you in the form of mobile estimates and even on-site repairs. For questions, concerns, or to schedule your no-cost estimate, please call 316-204-3714 or send us a message by clicking the button below. 

All of our technicians are trained in vehicle upholstery repair, including leather, vinyl, and cloth. Our goal is to leave you with repaired upholstery that looks as good (or better!) than when you bought it. 

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